from December 12. 2017

We thank You for choosing application UseCrypt Messenger (hereinafter: the App). This document in a comprehensive manner presents You our Privacy Policy, especially which data that You have provided us with we process, how we do it and how we protect it. You will also find here information regarding liability for your data.

Caring about your anonymity we limit the scope of processed data to the absolute minimum. Without processing data the App could not be functioning. Processing minimum scope of data results from the idea, which directs us in all our activity, which is providing you with maximum anonymity.

If you find information provided in Privacy Policy insufficient please contact us. We remain at your disposal via form

  1. Type and manner of data processing.

Caring about your anonymity we process minimum scope of data, unnecessary for the App functioning, such as:

  1. Information related to your account. While creating your account You provide us with your phone number. This is your only personal data, which processing is obligatory, due to the fact that it is necessary for the App functioning. If the App allows or will allow us to process your other personal data, by providing such data you agree to process it. Such data is provided voluntarily.
  2. While using the App you may provide us with cryptographic shortcuts of phone numbers of other users, with whom you contact. Such data are processed for the purpose of creating your list of contacts and to verify their access to the App. By undertaking such action, you state that you have the right to provide us with such data. What is important for your and other users anonymity, we do not have the possibility to determine phone number on the basis of such data.
  3. Randomly generated tokens and keys necessary for calls and messages transmission.
  4. We do not have access to your messages.
  5. We do not have access to you phone (voice) calls.
  6. We may temporarily process IP address.

Following your consent for data processing, which you provide us with, data indicated in Privacy Policy is processed in order to maintain proper App functioning and development, including phone (voice) calls and messages transmission.

We do not process the data in relation to any other actions than the App maintenance and development. We do not disclose the data to the third parties. Parties that are involved in the maintenance and development of the App acting on our behalf are not considered as third parties, and can be provided with the data when necessary.

  1. Data disclosure.

We disclose the data exceptionally when:

  1. It is justified due to existing bills and law regulations or due to public authorities or court decision;
  2. It is justified due to breach of the terms of use (which you can find here: or suspicion of such breach;
  3. It is justified due to privacy or other rights protection, of the other App users;
  4. You want us to do so and explicitly inform us of such will.

We ensure you, that each data disclosure claim addressed to us by any authority or court shall be precisely analysed. The data shall be disclosed exceptionally only in justified cases.

  1. Your data control and data removal.

We inform you that the data shall be processed only during the period when you are using the App. In any moment you are able to request the data change or removal. The data is removed automatically, when you stop using the App.

  1. Privacy Policy changes.

We inform You that Privacy Policy can be changed in the future, in order to fulfill your expectations or to comply law regulations. New Privacy Policy shall be made available to You in the same manner as the previous one, via web site. By using the App after such change, You accept the terms included in amended Privacy Policy. Therefore, we recommend You to review Privacy Policy from time to time. If You will not accept changed Privacy Policy in any time, You may stop using the App.

  1. Liable party.

UseCrypt Spółka Akcyjna (joint stock company) with its registered seat in Warsaw, Poland, Jana Pawła II 12 Str. No 12th , 00 – 124 Warsaw, KRS 0000577049, NIP: 5272745461, share capital PLN 229,400.00 (paid in full).

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